Quality for the horse. Quality for the rider.


Our horses are kept and trained by reputable trainers to ensure a quality treatment for the horse. We never prioritize short-term performance over long-term trust and satisfaction.  We believe that only a happy horse can make a happy rider and our trainers use sensitive techniques to encourage both athleticism and trust of a horse. The result is a horse balanced both physically and mentally, ready for the performance at the top level.

Our clients can try a horse for several days, or even weeks if desired. Our clients can make sure themselves about the level of training, behavior in a box, in an arena, outside, during transportation etc. We are ready to provide show records as well as results of medical examinations and we can also send a trainer with a client to ensure a smooth transition of a horse to a new environment and riding style. We provide lots of information about the past and current state of a horse to ensure the best match and mutual compatibility with a rider. We believe that our quality work will be appreciated through lasting relationships with our customers.