The founder of The Czech Sport Horse is Ivona Hrušová. Ivona is currently pursuing an MBA from Northwestern University (Kellogg School of Management). After her career in finance and economics, she decided to follow her passion for horses and bridge horse industries in Central Europe and the USA. During her 15-year riding career, Ivona has developed deep connections to breeding stables and trainers in the Czech Republic. As a result, the Czech Sport Horse offers only horses from trusted sources.

The goal of the Czech Sport Horse is to encourage gentle treatment of horses, support ethical trainers and consequently provide balanced horses that help our clients to the very top of equestrian sport.

Martina is our webmaster and is also responsible for client communication in Russian. Martina has been riding since the age of 6 and showing in the show-jumper ring for many years.

If you have any suggestions to our website, please contact Martina.



We look forward to our cooperation!